The Rhodes Agency

Rhodes   Agency boasts not only 20 years of casting experience but also a background of providing both lead and supporting actors for numerous Film, TV and Theatre productions as well as Extra casting.

The key to its popularity and success lies in the very personal ethos of the team at the Rhodes Agency - the children represented are not just individuals met at an interview but children that the staff have watched develop over a number of years at the Rhodes Theatre School. As a result we suggest potential cast with 100% confidence in their talents and abilities.

As well as representing children, Rhodes now also represents young adults as unlike Peter Pan children grow up! And so the Agency has steadily developing set of young adult performers.


“When the shoot came I was impressed over by the professionalism and talent of the 9 year old actor provided by Rhodes, as was the director. I’m already inviting more recommendations from Rhodes for future productions with total faith!”

Alexander Fodor
Alexander Fodor (Film Producer)